Creativity As A Spiritual Response – Vision As Line of Sight – Day 3


August = Vision


When I look at the image that presented itself in my line of sight today, I am reminded of hospitality, and perhaps the image of an oasis.  How about you?

The image has complex images – there is a bench in the background that is also reflected in the window, as well as a chair inside the office.  Both the chair and the bench are possible invitations to sit awhile.

There is also a full water pan, thoughtfully provided for canine friends.

Finally the succulents seem green and inviting, in contrast to the concrete which seems barren and hard.

If you were to use this image to reflect upon your own life, where would you feel comfortable sitting down?  Where are you green and full of life?  Where do you see things that are full of life?  Where do you find water?

What do you see?