Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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July = Story

I wrote earlier this month that my parents were not story-tellers.  They were not.  However, they were both very encouraging of my reading anything and everything I got my hands on.  Once I could read, I eagerly read both fiction and non-fiction.  I am grateful for the freedom that I had to explore stories interesting to me.

  • My mother patiently listened to my eager questions about spelling the names of food products in the kitchen cabinets when I was just learning to read.  F-l-o-u-r, S-u-g-a-r,  etc.
  • My father taught me how to carefully open a new book, page by page, so that the spine of the book was not damaged.  I learned from his attitude that books were treasures and to treat them carefully.
  • I remember one instance while being home from school, I sat on the carpet listening to him read his favorite poetry.  I learned from his reading, the beauty of words.  
  • My father was a Pastor and wrote weekly sermons.  It is interesting that I don’t remember specific sermons, although I do remember stress on a Saturday night if he was still preparing his sermon at that time.  

These are cherished memories, and a small portion of my story.

I encourage you to use your journals to write your own cherished memories, your story.