Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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July = Story

I wrote earlier this month that my parents were not story-tellers.  They were not.  However, they were both very encouraging of my reading anything and everything I got my hands on.  Once I could read, I eagerly read both fiction and non-fiction.  I am grateful for the freedom that I had to explore stories interesting to me.

  • My mother patiently listened to my eager questions about spelling the names of food products in the kitchen cabinets when I was just learning to read.  F-l-o-u-r, S-u-g-a-r,  etc.
  • My father taught me how to carefully open a new book, page by page, so that the spine of the book was not damaged.  I learned from his attitude that books were treasures and to treat them carefully.
  • I remember one instance while being home from school, I sat on the carpet listening to him read his favorite poetry.  I learned from his reading, the beauty of words.  
  • My father was a Pastor and wrote weekly sermons.  It is interesting that I don’t remember specific sermons, although I do remember stress on a Saturday night if he was still preparing his sermon at that time.  

These are cherished memories, and a small portion of my story.

I encourage you to use your journals to write your own cherished memories, your story.

As Season’s Change

I have  been on vacation this past week and have a few more days to go.  It has been a time of deeply resting, reading, and visiting local art galleries.  Outside, the weather has begun to be more cool, and still cooler weather is not far behind.  Halloween decorations are up in the neighborhood and excited costumed children will be traveling through the neighborhood early Thursday evening ringing doorbells and calling out “trick or treat”.   Inside me, I find that I am quiet and reflective, attentive to the changes in nature around me, appreciative of the creativity of artists and writers, feeling less tired, and very much at home.

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