Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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July = Story

I am Christian, and grew up with Biblical stories. When old enough, I  had access to a Bible Story Book and later my own Bible.  I pondered stories about Adam & Eve, Abram, Joseph, Moses, David and Daniel as well as Jesus and the Apostle Paul. 

It did not occur to me that voices within this tradition were omitted.  That understanding came later. 

However these stories connected me spiritually and culturally with people throughout the centuries who had read these same stories, pondered their meanings and wondered about the Holy One.  I am blessed with that connection.

Three Baskets Full

It is late August, and classes have begun at the local schools.  The Graduate Theological Union including Church Divinity School will begin classes just after Labor Day.  The sky is blue and the weather warm.  It does not quite have the feel of harvest time that it have during the next months, but it does have a feeling of gathering together, if not gathering in.  I am always energized during this time of year. 

I have no desire to return to school other than joining in Morning Prayer at Church Divinity School when I can, have plenty of books without adding more and live close enough to Berkeley without needing to be there.  However, I am aware of the tremendous abundance that I have received through all of my education in Studio Art, Christian Theology and Ministry, and Depth Psychology. Through God’s grace, I continue to draw strength, vision, meaning, skills, and purpose from these three tremendous bushel baskets of learning.  I am grateful.

What does this late August time mean for you?  What gifts of education have you received?  How did this education form you? How do you use it in your daily life? I invite you to pray for all students and educators as the school year begins.