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July = Story

One consideration in blogging about story is that the topic is complex.  Story is one way in which we connect as human beings, build memories, pass down traditions and other needful things.  However, story can also be used to destroy, oppress, and control people and communities.  Stories can be told with a keening wail, shouted in celebration or in anger, sung or whispered.  This is not something new.  I imagine it has always been this way.

As we gather together, what stories do we hear?  How do they make us feel?  Do they draw us further away, or closer to, others? Do we listen to the stories told by others?  How, and to whom, do we share our stories?

As a spiritual coach, what I listen to is story.  I cannot magically fix wounds, deep or superficial.  I can, often imperfectly, create a space in which the Holy One, my client, and myself are present to what the client expresses in his or her own way, his or her own story.  Most often the light between us is one of a candle rather than a campfire or hearth, as a symbol of the Holy One who is with us.  It is a graced privilege to listen to story.

Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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July = Story

I am Christian, and grew up with Biblical stories. When old enough, I  had access to a Bible Story Book and later my own Bible.  I pondered stories about Adam & Eve, Abram, Joseph, Moses, David and Daniel as well as Jesus and the Apostle Paul. 

It did not occur to me that voices within this tradition were omitted.  That understanding came later. 

However these stories connected me spiritually and culturally with people throughout the centuries who had read these same stories, pondered their meanings and wondered about the Holy One.  I am blessed with that connection.