Creativity As A Spiritual Response – Stories from the Heart

July = Story

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We have come to the end of the month of July, as well as our current focus on stories.

However, I will continue through this blog to tell stories, and to reflect upon stories, although with a slightly different focus.  Tomorrow, I will announce the topic for August.

As we move forward, I encourage you to continue to use your journals to listen and record the stories around you, especially the stories in your heart.  The heart is one place in which creativity, spirituality and service as response come together.  From this particular heart meeting, story always emerges.

Some prompts for further reflection on the topic of stories:

Are you a story-teller, or a story-listener?  Which do you choose? And, when?

What are your favorite stories?

What means of expression, or combinations of expression, best tell your own unique story:

  • words as verbal expression
  • words as written expression
  • creative arts
  • music
  • dance
  • photography
  • signing
  • gardening
  • cooking
  • being a care-giver
  • being the “bread winner”
  • other?

How does your story connect with other stories, both past and present?


Where is the Holy One in your story?









Paying Attention As A Spiritual Practice

I began this week with a question: when I pay attention to my heart, I choose to_________________________.  I have many thanks to those who risked commenting on this question. I loved reading each of your responses.

The question originated in a desire to move attention from what is often a visual experience toward an experience of listening.  And, not listening to just anything but to what our hearts wish to say to us.  If you are like me, this isn’t something that happens often.  My attention is often visual, often intellectual.  This has its place, but so does heart listening.

We have the privilege of listening or choosing to not listen.  We have the privilege of paying attention or choosing to not pay attention.  We have the option of listening to our heart, listening to a creative source, or shutting it out.  Which do you choose?  Why do you choose it?  How is paying attention with your heart part of your creativity, your spirituality?

I am suggesting two practices today.

In the first, I invite you to simply sit in a quiet space and listen to your heart for five to fifteen minutes.  If you find it helpful during this quiet time, place one hand or both hands on your heart. Invite your heart to speak to you.  What does it say?  What do you imagine it saying?  How does it feel to pay attention in this way?  Please use your journals to write down anything that emerges from this reflection.

In the second, I invite you to find one heart centered action that you can take today.  It may be something that responds to a favorite cause, an individual in need, or whomever your heart sends your way.  The world has always needed heart centered creative action.  What is one thing you can do?

With much love,