Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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July = Story

My definition for today with regard to story is that stories can be real, or imagined experiences and events in our lives, or the lives of real or imagined others.  They may be oral narratives, danced, signed, or acted.   Most often in the 21st century, stories occur in oral conversation with others, often in written form and contained within the covers of a book or accessed on a technological device.   

In shape, stories often have:

  • an introduction,
  • stating of a situation,
  • often there is drama,
  • resolution
  • conclusion

The shape of story can be linear, spiral, or sometimes tangential.  Many people, including myself prefer to listen to a linear story.  It is what we expect.

However, I imagine in cultures who are more familiar with an oral tradition, the story may not be as linear or predictable.  It also may not follow the forms which I am the most familiar. That is my supposition.  I need to research that to see if my supposition is consistent with current theory.

What is your experience?  Do you agree with my definition?  What differences would you add?