Caring For The Earth As A Spiritual Practice

Welcome to the month of April!

This month, we will be reflecting on caring for the earth as a Spiritual Practice.

To be sure, reflecting on the earth and the environment is hardly a unique topic for a month that includes Earth Day, April 22. We all will be hearing about the global environment repeatedly and with good reason. Our earthly home is indeed fragile.

I will however move through the month making slightly different inquires. Some of these inquiries are:

  • How does one’s intention to care for the earth lead to spiritual practices? What new practices might emerge or are emerging?
  • Does caring for the earth enable our individual and collective spirit to grow or diminish? If so, how might that growth or diminishment appear?

What do you think? Please comment below.

During the month of April, I will be updating my website. There are guaranteed to be some changes which may create some anxiety because the site will feel different. I am hoping that everything goes smoothly. Once the changes are made your comments are welcomed and appreciated!

With much love,


Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

We are coming near to the end of the month and our reflections on building bridges.

In this all too brief series of reflections and inquiries, we have had some opportunity to reflect on the on-going and complex process of conceptualizing and building metaphorical bridges with others.

I wonder what it has meant to you to be invited to understand creativity and spirituality as intentional bridge building as well as to reflect on power, privilege, partnership and play. If something has come up for you that you wish to share, please comment below.

I note that writing a few comments in a blog do not honor the complexity of this topic. There is so much more that could be written.

For many Christians, next week will be Holy Week. A week in which we experience a bridge built from love for all people as we remember the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. I will be joining once again with others in worship, prayer and silence. I do not expect to be blogging, but who knows. I may.

Tomorrow, children and adults will be marching for the lives of children everywhere to be safe in their schools and in their communities. I will not be able to march with them, but they are in my heart this evening. I am happy they are speaking out against violence in their, and our lives.

Please pray for the mission and ministry of Earthenware Ministry. Please know that you are in my prayers as well.

With much love,


Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

This week we traversed the bridge between one season and another: Winter to Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and Summer to Fall in the Southern Hemisphere.  This movement is not dependent on our personal action, or necessarily choice.  Each of us may have expectations of what the season change will mean and what we may be doing. I happen to live in a location where it is obviously Spring while there are many who are clearing the roads and sidewalks after yet another early spring storm.

Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

One of the first things to imagine as one seeks to build a bridge is one’s intention.  Intention, and our awareness of it, shapes the bridges we may seek to create.

Tomorrow, I will be beginning part time employment at a retirement residence across a bridge from where I live.  As I prepare to cross that literal bridge, I also imagine the metaphorical bridges that I will be creating with residents, residents’ families, and staff.  I have been employed at such facilities in the past and know the depth of these encounters.  These encounters begin with a willingness to be present with what is, the drama, the loss, choosing to be present to men and women who are aged, fragile, and thoroughly human.  My intention for this first day, as well as my last, is to be present to what is unfolding in my midst and the meeting places along the way.

I am sure that you as well have metaphorical bridges which you travel daily, or may be imagining in the future.  As you travel these bridges, how do you feel?  What is your intention?


Create a image of a bridge by drawing a bridge shape on a piece of paper.  Alternatively, you may wish to stack some books or other objects with a piece of paper or cardboard linking one stack to another.  As you do this, reflect on your intention with this process.  Why are you doing this?  Where do you imagine this bridge going?  What do you hope to accomplish?  What are you bringing to your side of the bridge?  Record any thoughts and feelings in your journal.