The Mission of Earthenware Ministry is one of compassionate listening to creative and spiritual people as they discover and deepen their relationship with their Creator.

Creativity As A Spiritual Response:

We are all creative as we are all created.  Therefore, creativity is not a practice, although practices can be learned and may be invaluable.  Rather, creativity is a relational response to who we already are, and are becoming, and to that which created us.  I believe that when we deny or limit our creativity we deny something that is intrinsic to who we are as individuals.  Our expressions of creativity are individual, unique and precious.

Spiritual Direction/Coaching – What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is both an ancient and thoroughly ordinary process of one person listening to another, or one person listening to a small group.  Spiritual direction is also a process of praying with, and being prayed for by another.   The seeking of direction may often be expressed as a concern in the sense of discerning next steps in one’s career, life stage, or responses to life events.

In our busy world, there is often little opportunity or encouragement to listen to where the Holy Spirit may be leading us, to reflect with another upon the journey, and to creatively deepen the relationship with our Creator God who has guided us thus far.

About Me – Meghan Humlie

I delight in being the Creative Director of Earthenware Ministry.  My education has included training in Art (Ceramic Sculpture), a M.Div. from Church Divinity School of the Pacific (Episcopalian), and additional graduate training in depth psychology.  I was able to take classes in spiritual direction as a seminarian and my post-seminary training included receiving a certificate in spiritual direction.

My theological lens is Christian.  I am open to listening to people who are Christian, are of other faith traditions or none.

I retired after many years working of doing administrative work in financial and health care settings.  I am currently employed part time as an activity coordinator in a memory care setting.  I am also developing my business as a creative artist and spiritual director.  Through my lifetime, my myriad educational and work experiences have provided rich opportunities for deep listening and creativity.

My current reading is in the areas of spiritual direction practice, spirituality, creativity and art.

In addition to blogging regularly, on this website, I am engaged in several delightful writing, painting projects and developing offerings.

I am currently open to receiving inquiries regarding on-line individual and small group spiritual direction.


Please note that the content on this website is not meant to in any way substitute for professional spiritual, psychological or medical advice.

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    Earthenware Ministry – such an intriguing name. From what I gather having just read this page, it seems to be a blending of sorts.I’m off to read more. Came by too to thank you for the follow of my blog:)

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