Creativity As A Spiritual Response

February, 2019 Drum Roll Please


Today is the last day of January.  It is time to announce the topic for the month of February.  It is: healing.

What does healing mean to you ?

How does your spirit respond to the word, healing?

How does this challenge relate to our January topic: mystery?

I invite your comments throughout this coming month.  I DO read each comment.  If you have commented on previous posts, thank you again!

I also invite you to use your own journals to reflect and deepen into the meaning of the word, healing.

Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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I believe that as 21st century people, many of us live in a world that is uncomfortable with mystery.  As people with education, many of us view mystery as simply something that with proper scientific method, we can explain.  Once explained, it is no longer mysterious.  

The word mystery is often connected to imagination – best left for children.  

I am not anti-scientific.  I value the drive to know even when it is connected with a certain hubris.  

Yet, I am also aware of mystery that connects me to wonder, and imagination.  It is the world of the artist, and the scientist, the poet, the theologian and the scholar as well as the child.

Where are you finding mystery?