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December = Expectation

I haven’t blogged very often this month.  In fact, I have not written a single post since December 3.   I did have a reflective Advent, a warm and lovely Christmas Day and am throughly enjoying the feeling of deepening gratitude during the quiet of this Christmas Season.

Did December meet my expectation?  Yes, certainly.

However intellectually, I did not go as far as I thought I might in teasing out the experience of expectation and its usage in theological, spiritual, or psychological meaning or practice.  I believe it is a topic that I will continue to explore and one that will continue to pop up in my own reflections.

What is the experience of living in this moment, and simultaneously living with hope and expectation?  

I find that my ability to put this experience into words is limited and, perhaps that is the point.

When, and how do words fail to convey something more?  

This too, is an important question.

How are you?  How was your December?





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