Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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November = Gratitude

Today, I had the pleasure of planting bulbs which will most likely flower in about six or eight weeks.  Some of these bulbs were already beginning to grow green shoots.  These were placed in the ground with the green shoot appearing out from the earth.  I am expecting to add to this Winter garden in early January with another round of bulb planting.  I hope to have two or three rounds of blossoms adding lively color to a small garden plot.

I found myself feeling tender toward the brown bulbs which hold such promise.  These particular bulbs had been “wintering” in the refrigerator for the past six weeks.  Today, it was time to plant them.  Individually, in bulb form, they were not all that attractive.  However, it is my hope that they will produce beautiful blooms.  Time will tell as to whether they do, or do not.  I am grateful for the possibility that they contain.

I wonder how often we reflect upon the promise that may be wintering in each of us.  I offer these questions for your creative reflection.

  • What is being planted?
  • When might it be planted?
  • What is beginning to emerge that can no longer be contained?
  • What does winter look like?
  • For what possibilities are we grateful?
  • What do we imagine flowering in us?


















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