Creativity As A Spiritual Response


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November = Gratitude

In the United States, as we prepare for Thanksgiving Day, gratitude or thankfulness is a word that is often heard.

Today, I am thinking of those who are in the midst of chaos, those who have lost homes, employment, neighbors and loved ones.  I am thinking of those whose daily routine has been altered significantly for the moment, and perhaps forever.   I am thinking of those for whom a meal on Thanksgiving Day will be unlike any other they have previously known.

If you are one of these people, you may not be feeling grateful or thankful in this moment, or you are filled inexplicably with gratitude.  (Both extremes, or feelings between these extremes, might be experienced simultaneously as feelings are complex.). Please acknowledge your feelings, whatever they may be.

A few suggestions for this time:

  • Please be gentle with yourself, and with those whom you love.
  • Please seek and receive appropriate assistance when appropriate assistance is offered.
  • Please seek-out resources for physical, psychological and spiritual healing that may be available to you.
  • Please join with others who are living through similar experiences.  This is not a time for isolation.

I stand with you in your grief, your fear, your rage and confusion.  I stand with you who are in shelters, or staying with friends, wondering what is next, filling out forms, and getting through the day.  I stand with you looking on in admiration as you take one step, and then another, and another.  I stand with you as you relive traumatic events and seek healing.  I stand with you, as you remember.  I stand with you.  I believe in you.