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September = Motion

We have come to the end of another month.  Tomorrow, I will reveal the theme for October.  You may have noticed that there has been a change in my posting style.  This month is has focused upon prompts that are intended as an invitation to you to reflect on the theme and where you are in your own life, your own creativity, and your own awareness of a responsive spirituality.  As I did not introduce them as such, you may have wondered at what exactly I was intending in each particular post.  My intention was for you to catch your own reaction, to reflect upon it (or not) and to offer you another, and then another.  There are no right answers and it is not a quiz…  However, I love your comments when you choose to share them with me.  I will continue with similar prompts in October

So, what has September and motion meant to me?

I am always surprised by the insistence of September, as well as its invitation to begin a season that focuses on the sensate, rather than the intuitive.  September in Northern California is smoke from fires, the taste of fresh apples, sunflowers, the sound of school buses on roads as well as children with backpacks.  After a brief summer of relaxation, September ushers in a change of pace that feels new, purposeful and time-limited.  The motion is one of a sharp intake of breath and relaxing into a new pace.  For me, the direction is forward.

What has this month meant for you?


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