Creativity As A Spiritual Response – Vision as Line of Sight

August = Vision

We have come to the end of the month of August.   I have not fulfilled my intention of posting a different image daily during this month.  I will continue to process of posting images during the next few months.  Each of these images will be taken the same day that I post them.  Tomorrow, I will introduce the theme for September.

I have some cherished images of things that I have seen this month.  They were not photographed, so they only bring pleasure as warm memories to me.

  1. One was observing a hummingbird on a bare peach tree branch at sunset.  The bird’s small figure was seen against the darkening sky.  Was the bird watching the sunset or still guarding the hummingbird feeder some distance away?  I don’t know, but the image brought me pleasure.
  2. Another was seeing a bride and groom following their wedding, dancing their way to the reception up through the main street of town, with a brass band directly behind them.  Behind the band were the guests, some also dancing to the music.  This image of  happiness brought me pleasure.
  3. I work as an Activity Coordinator at a retirement facility in Memory Care a few days each week.  This venue brings me pleasure and the opportunity to see so much that is never recorded.  Elders holding hands as late life friends, caring touches and hugs from staff, and a resident intently using pencil and paper to sketch the architecture of a room.

Of course there are many more images that these, but these are highlights.  I personally find benefit from recording at least some of the images that I see.  The process assists me in being visually aware of things that are going on in my midst, that I might otherwise not see.

What have you seen today that brings you pleasure?  What is in your line-of-sight?










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