Creativity As A Spiritual Response – Change of Topic

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July = Story

Today is the last day of July.  It is time to announce the topic for the month of August.  It is: Vision.  During the month of August, we will look at vision as sight-line – seeing what is in front of oneself.

During this month, I will be challenging myself to take at lease one cell phone picture a day, and posting it.  The image will be of something that has been in my line of sight.  I invite you to do the same

What will we see?

How will our spirit’s respond?

How does this challenge relate to our July topic of story?

I hope that you will also use your journals to record any thoughts or recollections that emerge with these images.

4 thoughts on “Creativity As A Spiritual Response – Change of Topic

  1. Andrea says:

    I love the way you develop a theme for every month. Generally, when people say “vision,” I think of goals, my vision for the future, etc. Having recently overloaded my sense of sight, I’m interested to see what you come up with.

    • Earthenware Ministry says:

      Thank you! I love the freedom and the adventure of trying to reflect on one theme for a month. I have no idea what I will come up with – that is the adventure. I can relate to visual overload too.

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