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July = Story

The stories that most draw me in emotionally are stories of service.  How about you? The stories are seldom told by the person or persons doing the service.  Rather, they are conveyed by the recipient (s)  or the observer (s) of the action.  This creativity of service chooses to meet ordinary human, animal, environmental etc. need, and to make a difference.  These stories inspire me.

Our news broadcasts and posts most often report tragedy.  It is easy to think that tragedy is the story that drives our imagination.  And yet, over and over again, people reach out and do more than than they themselves think is possible.  These inspirational stories receive less press, but are no less real.

As I write this post, I am aware of huge fires up and down the state of California.  I know that men and women are putting their lives in danger, responding to the fires, and to people, animals, and the environment and in the aftermath of the fires, some of these people won’t stop after the fires are out.  This is just one example.

Twice a week, I work at a residential facility for elders.  I am able to witness the actions of care staff as they go about their duties.  So often, I am able to witness actions that go beyond duty, to genuine service as one individual with another – and that service is reciprocated as fragile elders receive, and also give from who they are.  I am always touched at the depth of these graced exchanges.   This is another example.

There are many other examples.  I know you have your own.

I am encouraging you to as a recipient, or an observer, please share your stories of service in 99 words or less.  Please add them to the comments section, or provide a link from your own blog.  Lets talk about story – stories of service.




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