Creativity as a Spiritual Response – Fire Pits

night fire flame fire pit

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July = Story

We began the month with the image of ancient story-telling around a campfire or hearth.

I have recently observed that sales of out-door fire pits installed in United States is a trend that has been steadily increasing.  Have you noticed this?  If this trend is is true, then perhaps there is a need for something that spiritually reminds us of campfires, or hearth fires.

I wonder if these current trends regarding the installation of fire pits reflect something spiritually deeper than a desire to upgrade to one’s property.  Perhaps a greater need is to create a circle, to gather together in the dark, as people have done through the centuries.

Gathered around fire, we can both speak and listen while watching the meditative motion of the flames.  What will we say in this circle?    What will we hear?  What stories will we tell?



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