4 thoughts on “Creativity As A Spiritual Response

  1. Earthenware Ministry says:

    David Bowie was very creative and had an impact on many people. I am happy that one of them was yourself, and that you were able to discern from his life meaning that influences you still today. Thank you for your response!

  2. barbparcellswritingalife says:

    Even though I a a dyed-in-the-wool Beatles fan forever and ever, I would have to say that David Bowie had a huge impact on my ideas of creativity. He was always creating a new image, or persona, that changed with the times and with his own inner journey. That told e that creativity, like life, is always evolving.

  3. beverleygolden says:

    As someone who spent many years in the music industry, I would say some of my favourite singers have inspired my creativity and my writing. James Taylor, Sting, Daryl Hall, Annie Lennox to name a few. I spent a lot of my time song writing during that period too and listening to the great singer/songwriters of that era taught me a lot. Writing has always been very a key creative outlet for me.

    • Earthenware Ministry says:

      Perhaps those great singers provided inspiration and became part of your story. Perhaps indirectly, they gave you permission to tell your own story and to experience that particular kind of creativity. I think that is awesome! Thank you for your response!

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