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June = Journals

Earlier this month,  I marveled at the number of journals for sale on the shelves of a local chain bookstore.  Every time I visit the store I continue to look at them – not desiring them – but rather enjoying their invitation to journal writing.

Personally, I have found in the past that when attempting to write in such  beautiful journals that I am suddenly self-conscious.  I feel that I must write something within those pages as beautiful as the journal itself.  I don’t experience those particular feelings as an invitation to freedom and  self-expression.  How about you?

Throughout this blog I have written often that your journal is just that – a private place for reflections.  Therefore the form that you use is really up to you, and what works best for you.  Please use whatever form that you find comfortable.

However, today I wish to introduce you to a simple art journal, created from general office supplies that you may already have at home.   I have personally used this form of art journal, both as a means of exploration and expression.  If it appeals to you, please give it a try.

Suggested Initial Supply List:

1 Large 3 Ring Binder

3 Ring Plastic Page (Sheet) Protectors

Card Stock


Lined Paper smaller than the size of the sheet protector

Assorted templates

Old Magazines

Glitter (Optional)





If you already have bits and pieces of scrapbook supplies, old buttons, thread or other items that may be decorative, gather them as well.  I keep all of these things in a box so that everything is easily at hand.

Begin by hand writing a brief journal page on lined paper .  Once you have written your journal pages, decide whether you wish the content to be visible or mostly invisible.  Only you know.

Glue the journal page to a piece of card stock.   Using the magazines, create a collage that relates in some way to what you have written.  Glue the collage pieces over the writing so that it is surrounding the writing or even covering the writing in places.  Continue to decorate the page with drawing, collage  until it is visually satisfying to you.

(Should you wish to keep the writing separate from the collage process, place the writing in an envelope and tape or glue the journal page to the card stock and collage around it in that manner.  Continue to decorate the page, possibly decorating the envelope as well.)

Let the collage dry if necessary.

Insert the decorated journal page into a sheet protector, so that it is visible.  The next time that you journal, repeat the same process.  This time, place the decorated collage page into the same sheet protector with the front sides facing outward so that the images can be seen on both sides.  Continue in this manner each time that you create a journal page until the binder is filled.

In a short time you will have a container that is rich both in your own writing, as well as the images you have chosen.






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