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June = Journals

When is the best time to journal?  Morning or Evening?

This kind of question fills me with some consternation – how about you?

I don’t want to add another “should” to the shoulders of men and women who are trying to begin a process of keeping a journal.  My response is, and always will be, when is a right time for you?  Only you know.

I write as a woman who has been a single parent, who has gotten up early to go to work or school and who upon returning home after work or school, had a full evening and fell into bed and was instantly asleep, only to repeat the same thing the next day.

And yet, there are some who are able to write in the morning, and others who write regularly every evening, summing up their day.  There is value in this practice if one can do it.  However, my life has not always afforded me that kind of time.  How about yours?

And yet there is time, if we look for it.  It may not be enough time to write more than a few sentences, but a few sentences are a journal entry,  moment of reflection, a moment of contemplation, a moment of discovery.

What time works for you?


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