Creativity As A Spiritual Practice

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June = Journals

Many years ago, when I was a teen-ager, a frequent gift to another girl was a diary.  the diary usually had  a pastel cover and an all important lock, with a tiny key.  The pages were lined, with spaces indicated for each entry.  The amount of space for each entry was a total of about an 1 1/2 inches height by about 4 inches width.   This space on which to write was ridiculously tiny.  Perhaps you remember these?

In a digital age, I imagine that these books are far too restrictive to a tech-savvy young person.

However, these books are a reminder of the importance of privacy.  If you are to write about your truth as you experience it in the moment, privacy is one element that becomes invaluable.   My request is that you honor and respect that need in yourself.

Yes, there are diaries and journals that have been published.  And yes, these diaries or journals can provide an invaluable entry point into history including the daily life, spiritual practices, hopes, dreams and concerns of the person writing.  Some have even been written deliberately to be found and shared.

Still, that is not the case for most of us.

If you are to write, or learn to write, from your own truth, be careful who you share it with by respecting your own need for privacy.

And one more thought.

Should you wish to, or have reason to, let go of journals that you have kept in the past.  Please let go of them with care, as you would any valuable document.

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