Creativity As A Spiritual Response


June = Journal

Writers are encouraged to keep a journal.  Journal writing  creates a space in which other writing can emerge.  Artists too, are encouraged to keep a sketchbook of images they draw.  Writing, as well as images are most often recorded and dated sequentially.  Perhaps by giving voice, and certainly by providing opportunities for reflection, these practices aid creativity.

Whether or not we describe ourselves as writers or artists, most of us have and use a cell phone to record images.  These images may be shared, may be printed, but most often remain on the individual cell phone.

Do these images themselves, dated sequentially, become a journal?  What do you think?  Are they a journal that is kept on the phone, added to, but rarely reflected upon?  Is it possible that reflection upon these images might become a catalyst for creativity?  What might be the result of this practice?  Please comment.


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