Creativity As A Spiritual Practice

June = Journal

By now, you may we wondering what is up with the journals?  It is almost half-way through the month, and this blog is still about journals.  Yes, it is!

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I am inviting you

to journey with me on a two-year plus path of exploring creativity as a spiritual practice.  Together, we will be exploring one topic a month.  I hope that this exploration encourages your own exploration, your own discovery, your own reflections as well as your own artistic and creative expressions

So why did I begin with looking at journals, and keeping journals as a process?  My supposition was that we might need a container, or containers to give space, even a little space, to the places we might venture together.  Journals are time-honored containers for such kinds of adventures.  They are certainly one important item in a spiritual and creative “tool kit”.

At the end of the month, I will introduce the next topic.  Until then, it will be primarily blogging on the topic of journals.  Other offerings related to the topics are being imagined and produced.  I will introduce them as they are ready.

Please comment, ask questions, or make suggestions!    I love taking a journey with companions such as yourself!


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