Creativity As A Spiritual Response

close-up-data-flatlay-1018133June = Journals.   HMMM?

Hey there!  It’s June!

Have you ever looked at the number of journals that your major chain bookstore carries, perhaps even your local one as well? Most bookstores carry many journals. In fact, a major chain store near to where I live has one entire wall of journals.  On this particular wall is one section of journals that have prompts printed on the pages.  These are guided journals.  There are also themed journals, lined journals, unlined journals and expensive leather and suede journals in adjoining sections.  Near the cash register there is a rack of journals from one manufacturer as well as blank art pads.  In the budget book area there are books with lined pages.  These are journals, or could be used as such.

If the major chain bookstores carry so many journals, my assumption is that the sale of them generates enough income to justify the space given to them.  An entire wall is a lot of sales space to give to anything, including journals.

But why?

The obvious response is that people who read like to write, and people who purchase books for readers also purchase journals for readers who write, or aspire to be writers. That may be.  What do you think?  In a day when most of us readily use computer or phone to write, what is the appeal of paper, lined or unlined?  Why do we choose to journal?

Assignment:  Please take a trip to your local bookstore and peruse the journals.  What kinds of journals are for sale?  Which ones appeal to you?  Which ones don’t appeal?  Why?


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