Creativity As A Spiritual Response

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June = Journals.  HMMM?

I am preparing an entire month of blog posts focusing on  journals and the process of journaling.  I plan to reflect on:

  1. what are journals?
  2. how have journals been used historically?
  3. what options exist in creating or keeping journals?
  4. journaling and creativity
  5. journaling and spirituality
  6. how can journal keeping be a creative and spiritual catalyst?
  7. what gets in the way of keeping a journal?
  8. when might we not want to keep a journal?
  9. what do we do with old journals?

Other questions may emerge as we go along.  Please be thinking all about journals, whether you are for them, or against them, and any questions that you may have now, or during the month.  I am SO excited by this topic.  I hope you are as well!




18 thoughts on “Creativity As A Spiritual Response

  1. Earthenware Ministry says:

    Thank you! I am looking forward to posting during the month ahead. I am happy that you have found a journal to be therapeutic and a means of clarifying things. I think those are very valid reasons to journal. I hope that you will find your way back to the process when the time is right, using a writing schedule works for your current life and yourself.

  2. Heather Maria Photography says:

    I love writing, I don’t take as much time to journal now but a few years back I did it almost every day. It helped me move more into my spirituality and into my soul. Now I spend my time on my Facebook page writing about spiritual things as well as blogging. It’s sort of like a journal to me.

  3. Peggy Nolan says:

    My journaling ebbs and flows. It serves a purpose in my life but no longer holds the same priority as my practice with creativity has taken center stage. I also no longer keep revisiting old stories (which journaling was very helpful in letting go of.) I look forward to your June posts!

  4. kelleygrimes says:

    I feel inspired to bring mindfulness to your questions and my practice of journaling! Thank you Meghan!

  5. Lore Raymond says:

    Appreciating your planning and looking forward to reading and learning from you, Meghan. Inspired to plan June’s blogging content now.

  6. Leila says:

    Yeeeeh! Am excited as well. I can’t wait to read them.
    I think am going to follow suit and do monthly themes for my blogs. Thanks for the inspiration.

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