Creativity As A Spiritual Response

I am living in the midst of a process of cumulative creativity.  I imagine this to be a possibility most of the time, if I make the effort to follow the chain backwards to the steps before my actions.

At the end of March, I entered into two new things.  The first was an opportunity to receive creative business coaching and support.  The attraction to this particular opportunity was that I would be engaging in creative and visioning process before engaging in the sometimes mundane tasks of running an on-line business.  The initial process was to look at my website through a particular lens.  I did.  This led to my focusing on some initial changes in my website.  Feeling the necessity of having a professional looking photo of myself on the front page, I inquired and received recommendations for good local photographers.

The person that I chose is indeed a fine photographer.  I had the experience of the photo shoot yesterday and in a week or two, and probably with some effort, a new photo of myself will be added to the web page.  Is that creative?  Possibly.

This is just one example.  I could give you many more that are swirling around my consciousness and creative practice at this time.

My point is that the sometimes small actions that we understand as part of a larger creative whole, are generated in community with others:  A person that I know from an on-line creative group invited one kind of movement forward, a group of strangers whom I have never met helped my make a connection that I might not have otherwise, and my own creativity is enhanced because of their creativity and kindness.

What do you become aware of when you look backwards to see the chain of experiences and events that have led you to experience or deepen your own creative practice?

6 thoughts on “Creativity As A Spiritual Response

  1. Crystal Cockerham says:

    Creativity as a spiritual response–yes! Creative flow is divinely inspired and allows us to maintain a clear channel for ourself. I love that you went and had a photo shoot with a local photographer. Having your beautiful face on your site is very welcoming. I cannot wait to see what other creative insights come your way to share with the world.

  2. Andrea says:

    I sometimes have a hard time remembering that all the little pieces and steps along the way are important. They matter and will contribute to a better whole. I had not really thought about mentally “reversing the steps” but I like the idea of any process that heightens my awareness of gratitude. Thanks.

  3. Beverley Golden (@GoldenBeverley) says:

    Happy you chose to have a good quality photo of yourself taken for your website, as I believe in our visual world, people want to know who you are. For me, I think I draw in so much inspiration from the world around me, that sometimes a small thing, liked seeing a plugin on a website, or seeing he font size on another, leads me to envision changes I could make in my own site. In my own life, I believe all the impulses that I see in the world around me, have led to my colourful and comfortable home, which I love. It is like an oasis away from the world.

    • Earthenware Ministry says:

      Thank you so much for commenting. I agree with you, small things can enable us to envision changes we can make in the moment on our websites or businesses. For me it is useful sometimes to follow the thread backwards to what assisted in generating the changes I am making. For me it is an aspect of gratefulness and grace.

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