Changes Underway

If you have been looking at Earthenware Ministry’s website, you may be aware of some changes.  The most obvious is that there is a front page rather than the site opening directly onto the blog post.  The front page is awaiting some tweaking toward the end of next month.

More importantly, I hope you will be aware of a shift in focus from being primarily a reflective blog to becoming a creativity resource website.  This emerging focus will become more clear as time goes on.  My hope is that this website may be a catalyst for your own creativity, however you may define that, and mine.

For those of you who follow the blog, beginning in May the topics explored will all have something to do with creativity as a spiritual response.  This will be a move away from a topic (changing monthly) as a spiritual practice.  There will be subtopics explored under creativity.  The overall theme will be creativity and service as an expression of,  and response to,  spirituality – a spiritual response.

Next week, I expect to write my 100th blog on this site.  A lot has changed since I tentatively began the blog in 2013.  At that time, it was written as part of a form of spiritual exploration as well as learning the skills of blogging.  Through this process I learned something about my own writing, the stuck places that became predictable to me, as well as the pleasure of reading thoughtful comments from others.   I have loved reading the insightful posts by other bloggers similarly engaged.  I feel that I am a part of an expanding world-wide community.  Many thanks to you all.

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