Caring For The Earth As A Spiritual Practice

Welcome to the month of April!

This month, we will be reflecting on caring for the earth as a Spiritual Practice.

To be sure, reflecting on the earth and the environment is hardly a unique topic for a month that includes Earth Day, April 22. We all will be hearing about the global environment repeatedly and with good reason. Our earthly home is indeed fragile.

I will however move through the month making slightly different inquires. Some of these inquiries are:

  • How does one’s intention to care for the earth lead to spiritual practices? What new practices might emerge or are emerging?
  • Does caring for the earth enable our individual and collective spirit to grow or diminish? If so, how might that growth or diminishment appear?

What do you think? Please comment below.

During the month of April, I will be updating my website. There are guaranteed to be some changes which may create some anxiety because the site will feel different. I am hoping that everything goes smoothly. Once the changes are made your comments are welcomed and appreciated!

With much love,