Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

One of the first things to imagine as one seeks to build a bridge is one’s intention.  Intention, and our awareness of it, shapes the bridges we may seek to create.

Tomorrow, I will be beginning part time employment at a retirement residence across a bridge from where I live.  As I prepare to cross that literal bridge, I also imagine the metaphorical bridges that I will be creating with residents, residents’ families, and staff.  I have been employed at such facilities in the past and know the depth of these encounters.  These encounters begin with a willingness to be present with what is, the drama, the loss, choosing to be present to men and women who are aged, fragile, and thoroughly human.  My intention for this first day, as well as my last, is to be present to what is unfolding in my midst and the meeting places along the way.

I am sure that you as well have metaphorical bridges which you travel daily, or may be imagining in the future.  As you travel these bridges, how do you feel?  What is your intention?


Create a image of a bridge by drawing a bridge shape on a piece of paper.  Alternatively, you may wish to stack some books or other objects with a piece of paper or cardboard linking one stack to another.  As you do this, reflect on your intention with this process.  Why are you doing this?  Where do you imagine this bridge going?  What do you hope to accomplish?  What are you bringing to your side of the bridge?  Record any thoughts and feelings in your journal.

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