Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

I am not an engineer, but I love bridges.  From a non-engineering viewpoint, a bridge can seem quite simple.  I believe that there needs to be a foundation, structure of some sort on one side of what ever needs crossing, and something of equal size and strength on the opposite side. And then something in-between, perhaps a road or a sidewalk to facilitate travel from one side to the other.  I KNOW that literal bridges are more complicated than this, and larger bridges perhaps even more so.  My apologies to engineers for glossing over so many important details, but metaphorical bridges also have complications.

Frequently in the news we hear of issues of physical infrastructure with bridges needing repair.  More often we hear a cry that metaphorical bridges have been broken and there also is no easy repair.  There is an assumption perhaps that there are fewer bridges between people exacerbating the issues that may divide them.  I am not entirely sure of that because I understand metaphorical bridge building as an inherent human activity both within one’s self and with others.  However, the bridges created may indeed be different, sometimes ineffective, and hazardous. But, that is my opinion.

During this second full week of March, let’s continue to reflect on building bridges as a Spiritual Practice and reflect upon what bridges may mean. Specifically, I will be inviting you to reflect on intention, privilege, partnership and play. We will end the month with love, and being a bridge.

I received many excellent comments to my previous posts on this topic. Please keep them coming. I read each of them.

With much love,


3 thoughts on “Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

  1. Claudette Chenevert says:

    Meghan, in the field of work I do, building bridges is key to creating strong and healthy relationships especially when there is still a lot of hurt from the past. Where I see people having problems getting onto that bridge is finding a reason why they should step foot on it to start with.
    Once people have a reason and a purpose to get on that bridge, then it’s just a matter of helping them meet half way.

  2. beverleygolden says:

    In reading this it struck me that to build a (metaphorical) bridge that is strong on both ends and in the middle, we need to find a way to be willing to meet in that middle space. Maybe that is the pause point, the point where intention has the strongest possibility of coming into fruition. Building a bridge is a delicate endeavour, but once built, hopefully it is strong enough to last. And creates a way for more people to explore the opportunity to build their own bridges! Thanks for the reflection, Meghan.

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