Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

Today is Saturday,

the first post of the month of March,

and a new topic.

We have let go of paying attention as a spiritual practice in order to move into another topic for reflection.  However, I hope that you will continue to pay attention as we begin to reflect upon a new topic for the month of March: building bridges.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and similarly to other major cities built near water, navigating bridges occurs frequently, if not daily.  There is the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the Richmond/San Rafael Bridge and the San Mateo Bridge among others.  Each bridge enables movement from one location to another for business or pleasure.

But, what does a bridge mean?

The experience of these particular bridges, this month of March, daily news, the Christian Season of Lent and Jewish Passover provide grist for reflecting on what a bridge may mean, and what happens if there isn’t a bridge between things.  Also, what does the metaphor of bridge have to do with spiritual practice?  Hmmmm…Let’s reflect on this topic together.


The practice I suggest for this Saturday is to reflect upon the metaphor of “bridge”.  What does it mean to you?  Use your journal to write down any thoughts or images that come to mind.  If you have time, please go outside and photograph a bridge or possibly walk or bike across one.  I will do the same.

(This image is of the Park Street Bridge between Oakland, California and Alameda, California, a well traveled bridge)

12 thoughts on “Building Bridges As A Spiritual Practice

  1. beverleygolden says:

    For me a bridge is a way across; it connects one place to another. When we build bridges we invite people to move from their side to our side, or at least to meet us in the middle. A bridge is a symbol to me of making it easier to connect and again, an invitation to see what is on the other side. Thanks for the March reflection, Meghan!

  2. Lore Raymond says:

    You had me at BRIDGE! Living here on the peninsula of Pinellas County in Tampa Bay, I travel across four large bridges many times a quarter. I enjoy crossing over them, thinking about them, and looking at bridge pictures.

    In 2008, a Peruvian shaman gifted me with a condor feather from his shamanic fan; then he told me I was a “chacaruna” a bridge person and that my job in life was to connect people from earth to heaven so that they knew there was no separation.
    Yes, we gotta talk bridge-sistah!

  3. krystal says:

    Hi Meghan
    I love the idea of connections as bridges. Often, like Lisa, I think of relationships, but there are energies and vibrations and presence that also create bridges and serve as one side of the other of the bridge. I love this perspective!

  4. Lisa Hutchison LMHC says:

    Thank you for the writing prompt, which I will reflect upon. When I think of bridges I see the connection between two people or places. I find that I can set my intention; it is a partnership in building between myself, the other person and the Divine.

  5. Heather Maria Photography says:

    I love bridges. The architecture and design. I feel that that can be a metaphor for our life. We are architects of our lives. We can design it the way we want to. It’s also about bridging gaps. A bridge from our soul to our mind to our heart as well connecting to others. Thank you for the reflection this morning.

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