Paying Attention As A Spiritual Practice

The month has come to a close.  We will be leaving the topic of paying attention, but hopefully not the art, the practice or the process.

As I have prepared the previous blog posts for this month, I have attempted to move attention from being primarily a cognitive and visual experience, toward a heart-filled listening experience, and finally to paying attention to creativity as both spiritual response and practice.   The process of paying attention is more than all of these.

In our busy world with its complexity and many distractions, I invite you to continue to be aware of paying attention, to observe what captures your attention, and the quality of that attention.

Further, I invite you to take your attention out into the world.  What do you see?  What is attention calling you to be?  What is attention calling you to do?

This is an on-going practice and process.  It is not always an easy one.  So, let’s practice this together.  To what do you pay attention?

With much love,


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