Do you find paying attention challenging? I certainly do.

I hesitate in writing this blog post, as I don’t want to add a “should” to lives that are fragmented and all too busy, including my own. With all that we do during a day, the challenge of paying attention to anything, especially our spiritual life, is a beyond what we can achieve as a person or community.

The reflections this month are not a judgement, rather an delightful opportunity to reflect on attention and the many places and things to which our attention is called throughout our day. My hope is that together we might see attention as an invitation.

To what does attention invite us?

I wonder if the invitation to pay attention calls us to this particular moment, with all its confusion, messiness and imperfection. The invitation is to simply see this moment, to gently witness it, rather than striving to fix it.

It is also quite likely in accepting the invitation to pay attention that we will see beauty, tenderness and joy in ourselves, in our daily lives and in the world around us. It’s there, if we pay attention.

What do you think?