Beginning has been the theme that has traveled with us through this first month of 2018. I have reflected on receiving beginnings, contemplative be-ginning, the beginning place of growth and being attentive to where we are beginning to be called to give.

I know that I will revisit some of these sub-themes again. However, they will no longer be held in the context of the first hours, days and weeks of a new year as this particular year is now moving into February. Another beginning.

The focus of the reflections for the new month will be on paying attention as a Spiritual Practice.

Paying Attention.

It is fitting that we are finishing the month of January with a lunar display of a Super Blue Blood Moon. The prospect of seeing this certainly has my attention. If visible in your location, the Super Blue Blood Moon has promise to be a lunar event far different than the fireworks that greeted the beginning of the year. I am curious, which is a great beginning. How about you?