Beginning As A Spiritual Practice

Beginning has been the theme that has traveled with us through this first month of 2018. I have reflected on receiving beginnings, contemplative be-ginning, the beginning place of growth and being attentive to where we are beginning to be called to give.

I know that I will revisit some of these sub-themes again. However, they will no longer be held in the context of the first hours, days and weeks of a new year as this particular year is now moving into February. Another beginning.

The focus of the reflections for the new month will be on paying attention as a Spiritual Practice.

Paying Attention.

It is fitting that we are finishing the month of January with a lunar display of a Super Blue Blood Moon. The prospect of seeing this certainly has my attention. If visible in your location, the Super Blue Blood Moon has promise to be a lunar event far different than the fireworks that greeted the beginning of the year. I am curious, which is a great beginning. How about you?



16 thoughts on “Beginning As A Spiritual Practice

  1. Heather Maria Photography says:

    I didn’t get to see it this year but I have captured the bloodmoon in the past. It was a spectacular event. Even if I can’t see the moon, the energies are felt, and I’m in love with them. The moon has such a passion. This one being in the sign of Leo adds to it charisma.

  2. Beverley Golden (@GoldenBeverley) says:

    We will not see the super moon here in Toronto, however, its energies are being felt very strongly. February 1st is my birthday, so I always see the new month as a new beginning, of a new year. My life has been one new beginning after another, as I know that life is about endings and beginnings. It is one of the joys of living…nothing is permanent and nothing really lasts forever, so why not embrace new beginnings and enjoy what shows up.

  3. Lore Raymond says:

    The moon always makes me curious. I’ve been following her changes for 6 years now and include it the key dates on the editorial calendar for my writers on my magazine page, Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond.

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