Beginning As A Spiritual Practice

This past Sunday evening I posted a question about seed packets and what kind of seeds would one choose. I got a variety of responses on my Facebook page ranging from arugula, lettuce, fresh herbs and many flowers. All of the seeds, or bulbs have one thing in common, a potential capacity and seeming desire to grow if the right environmental conditions are available.

For many places in the Northern Hemisphere, seed packets may be looked at wistfully as snow is deep and the weather is cold. Seed catalogs often magically appear in mail boxes enticing one to think of flowery beauty and abundance in the future.

I imagine, but have not experienced, the Summer of the Southern Hemisphere. It is a difference, perhaps a time to gather the seeds for the next year? I don’t know. However, this blog is not about seeds, rather growth.

To grow.

Beginning as a Spiritual Practice implies a potential capacity to grow even though the resulting growth may seem hidden for a time as in a seed casing.

My assumptions are that the growing is not due to our efforts, rather something called grace. And, that growth happens throughout our lifetime, and perhaps beyond. And, that the growth may be uneven and unpredictable. Whew!

It is easier to remember ourselves as children when growing up literally meant visibly growing taller. We measured ourselves against our peers, were we shorter or taller?

(As someone who is shorter, and still more short due to aging, children often measure themselves against me with questioning eyes. She is obviously an adult but… I find these encounters interesting and revealing.)

Similar to the seeds, we have a potential capacity and often a desire to grow given the right environment.

We often judge ourselves, and others, anxiously measuring ourselves against another. Perhaps rather than judging we might inquire of ourselves what is the right environment? What Spiritual growth is being sought. For what is there longing? What is hidden now that will bloom someday, or is blooming now?

Today, I invite you to reflect upon seed packets, seeds and spiritual growth.



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