Beginning As A Spiritual Path

Beginning. Be-ing. Exercise 2

This week we have been reflecting on be-ginning. I suspect that even when we use the same word, our understandings and experiences may be different. I believe that is exactly the way be-ing is, unique and individual.

When did you first become aware of be-ing? What is it like for you?

For me, I am an introvert and bookish, so being quiet comes fairly naturally. In fact, I have a preference for it.

My experience of be-ing happened on a church retreat in Northern Arizona. The schedule for the last morning included time outdoors alone and being quiet. I chose a spot on a rock above a fast moving creek. It was late Winter and the rock was warm, but not hot. As I sat there quietly, I saw that in the foliage below me there were honeybees collecting nectar from the flowers. I could not hear the honeybees because of the sound of the water. However, the longer I sat on that rock, the more I saw, and the more there was to see.

So, this experience of be-ing was visual for me and filled with the richness of the immediate and ordinary and an awareness that most often I don’t see. At least I don’t see with this kind of attentiveness. I have never forgotten that experience of simply looking and eventually beginning to see. For me, be-ing includes some of that kind of experience.

Your experience may be similar or vastly different. During this second week of the new year, how are you be-ing?

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