Today, I am going to reflect on the first two letters of the word, beginning, be. What does it mean to be at a beginning? What does it mean to be?

Earlier I suggested, engagement with the question of what the new year wanted. Today I am exploring what does it mean for me to receive this beginning, and what do I bring to the table with my relationship with it, whatever that beginning is?

Of course I will bring myself, my contradictory ego-based self, my personal history, my culture, my aspirations, and my relationships, among other things. Perhaps you bring similar things as well. Welcome!

Or, I may set these aspects aside long enough to listen, to breathe, to sit with what is, to return to Source, to the Holy One and listen. I call it Prayer and contemplation. You may name it according to your tradition. However, Be-ginning from that place feels different. Do you agree? Why is it different?

Then having done this, please pick up your own brush and paint. Then, please, dance your own dance, sing your own song, write your paper, teach your class or whatever important work that you do in your life and also do in our lives together.

Today, I invite you to sit with your own Be-ginning. I will sit with mine as well.