Visioning and Gratitude As A Spiritual Practice

Today is Christmas Eve. My question to you is how has the journey been for you? What difference has it made to have chosen to travel with vision and gratitude during December and the Christian season of Advent? Only you know. What do you know?

Inexplicably this journey leads us into darkness. How do we vision with little ambient light, we who are used to light appearing at the flick of a switch?

In the darkness we sense other human beings: those without homes, those keeping vigil as a loved one passes, military personnel and peace officers and so many others. Who, or what do you sense in the darkness? Where is your soul longing?

Vision and gratefulness lead us on – to a manger – to a newly born infant born to save all. How utterly strange, and wonderful.

I invite you to spend some time here. Where is your vision now? Where is your gratefulness now? Only you know. What do you know?

Peace to you on this holy night!


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