Earlier this week I took the opportunity to take a longish walk for me, a little less than three miles, in a wooded area. I did not have to hurry but rather had time to look around me as I walked. There were others traveling in the same direction as I was, and some the opposite. Some were walking dogs, pushing baby carriages, jogging or strolling.

What were their expectations? What drew them to walk on this particular day? Was this their regular practice or was it a decision made and acted upon in the moment? What was their vision? Were they grateful for the walk, for the scenery, for the others walking the same path? What did they discover along the way?

Of course, I have no way of knowing. There was no exit poll in the parking lot and little conversation. Still, for me it was a very pleasant opportunity to walk and to reflect upon a path as it emerged one step at a time. I hope it was for them as well.