Visioning and Gratitude As A Spiritual Practicei

Around this time of year in the stores, paper calendars appear counting the days until Christmas Day. From a secular point of view these devices may remind one of the number of shopping days remaining until the holiday. From a Christian religious context they are reminders of the days remaining until Christmas.

I look at these calendars with some nostalgia as I remember a time when my daughter opened each day in turn, got the chocolate treat contained in the calendar, and we sang Away In The Manger together.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are in the transition between Fall and Winter with less light and often cold weather. In the Christian calendar we are entering the season of Advent, a season of preparation. For further information, please see

I have the wreath readied to use during the four Sundays. I also will be following and participating using my cell phone and Facebook with the interactive Global Advent Calendar.

So what does any of this piety have to do with Visioning and Gratitude? If you happen to be other than Christian what does this have to do with you? Thank you. These are great questions. For the first, my comment is let’s wait and see. For the latter question, I am revealing some of my practice in hopes that you may reflect upon yours, whatever these might be. I also hope that you will thoughtfully share your vision of what is meaningful to you.

Please know that I do pray for all of my readers. I ask that you keep Earthenware Ministry in your prayers as well.



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