Visioning and Gratitude As A Spiritual Practice

This is my last post for 2017. I end the year with gratitude for my readers. This year I have posted 44 times and have confidence that I have found my voice in this medium.

What can you expect in 2018? My planned publishing schedule is to post a question on Monday’s related to the monthly topic. On Wednesday’s and Saturday’s respectively, I will publish a blog post most often reflecting on the topic. My style will continue to emerge through this process. My focus will continue to be a broad reflection on spirituality and creativity.

Thank you for supporting this blog by reading the posts, leaving comments and praying for Earthenware Ministry. Please know that I pray for you as well!



Visioning and Gratitude As A Spiritual Practice

Today is Christmas Eve. My question to you is how has the journey been for you? What difference has it made to have chosen to travel with vision and gratitude during December and the Christian season of Advent? Only you know. What do you know?

Inexplicably this journey leads us into darkness. How do we vision with little ambient light, we who are used to light appearing at the flick of a switch?

In the darkness we sense other human beings: those without homes, those keeping vigil as a loved one passes, military personnel and peace officers and so many others. Who, or what do you sense in the darkness? Where is your soul longing?

Vision and gratefulness lead us on – to a manger – to a newly born infant born to save all. How utterly strange, and wonderful.

I invite you to spend some time here. Where is your vision now? Where is your gratefulness now? Only you know. What do you know?

Peace to you on this holy night!


Visioning and Gratitude As A Spiritual Practice

Earlier this week I took the opportunity to take a longish walk for me, a little less than three miles, in a wooded area. I did not have to hurry but rather had time to look around me as I walked. There were others traveling in the same direction as I was, and some the opposite. Some were walking dogs, pushing baby carriages, jogging or strolling.

What were their expectations? What drew them to walk on this particular day? Was this their regular practice or was it a decision made and acted upon in the moment? What was their vision? Were they grateful for the walk, for the scenery, for the others walking the same path? What did they discover along the way?

Of course, I have no way of knowing. There was no exit poll in the parking lot and little conversation. Still, for me it was a very pleasant opportunity to walk and to reflect upon a path as it emerged one step at a time. I hope it was for them as well.

Visioning and Gratitude As A Spiritual Practicei

Around this time of year in the stores, paper calendars appear counting the days until Christmas Day. From a secular point of view these devices may remind one of the number of shopping days remaining until the holiday. From a Christian religious context they are reminders of the days remaining until Christmas.

I look at these calendars with some nostalgia as I remember a time when my daughter opened each day in turn, got the chocolate treat contained in the calendar, and we sang Away In The Manger together.

In the Northern Hemisphere we are in the transition between Fall and Winter with less light and often cold weather. In the Christian calendar we are entering the season of Advent, a season of preparation. For further information, please see

I have the wreath readied to use during the four Sundays. I also will be following and participating using my cell phone and Facebook with the interactive Global Advent Calendar.

So what does any of this piety have to do with Visioning and Gratitude? If you happen to be other than Christian what does this have to do with you? Thank you. These are great questions. For the first, my comment is let’s wait and see. For the latter question, I am revealing some of my practice in hopes that you may reflect upon yours, whatever these might be. I also hope that you will thoughtfully share your vision of what is meaningful to you.

Please know that I do pray for all of my readers. I ask that you keep Earthenware Ministry in your prayers as well.