Where is the WE in visioning as a Spiritual Practice? Most often our looks back or forward are individual experiences. Today, I am suggesting that we look at those around us as we reflect on visioning. What is the vision of those closest to us? What is the vision of our relatives, friends, neighbors, members of our community, church or school? How would we know? What conflicts might be revealed? What assumptions might have to be worked through?

I believe that as Creatives our willingness to articulate our vision through a variety media invites others to articulate their own. Similarly, I imagine many of us have looked at a painting, sculpture and written word and found something shifting in ourselves in response. Of course, this shift could have been perceived positively, or less so. And our actions in response might be positive or less so.

What is our responsibility to listen and be in conversation with others? Is there such a thing as a shared vision? In a culture that values individualism, and in which the young often have little support and the aged are isolated, where is the WE envisioned? What stories do we tell? What music do we make? What makes working together and listening to each other’s vision a spiritual practice?

I invite your thoughtful responses.