Visioning As a Spiritual Practice

We began the first full week of November yesterday which means a new topic to reflect upon.  This month is Visioning.  As it is November in the United States, the month for Thanksgiving, the topic would typically be gratefulness or giving thanks.  We will get there but not just yet.

What is your vision in the present?  What is your vision of the past?  Do you, or have you made five year plans?  New Years resolutions?  What visions do you carry in your heart for others, a child, a grand-child?  Where do our visions come from?  Are they useful?  Are you a person who generally looks ahead to the future?  Or, are you a person who generally looks to the past?  What happens when what we envision doesn’t happen in the way we imagine?

I write this blog having listened to many of the reports on the mass shooting in Texas.  I grieve for the loss of life, the pain that families and the community will carry going forward.  Today, I have had to use all of my creative tools: writing, prayer, walking, meditation, art journaling to care for myself in the midst of grief.  I am thankful for those tools and the structure they provide.  I am thankful for the time that I have had to use them.  Through using them, I can be centered enough to respond, to listen.  At another time of my life, I would have gone forward without using these tools, not expressing the feelings, to the next thing.  What about you?

On this day, I invite you to grieve with me.  I don’t know what the vision was for the members of the church whose lives were cut short yesterday.  I am certain that the days events were not part of their vision when they arrived at church that morning.  I am sure that family members had visions of their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews growing up within a close-knit community.   I am sure that family members imagined Thanksgiving, Christmas and the beginning of a new year together.  Along with this particular loss of individual lives, there is a loss of vision, a loss of what could have been.

So, we begin a month of reflections on visioning, and if it fits reflections on visions of grief, visions of love and a vision, or visions, of response.  Let us tend to our visions, love our visions, when necessary grieve our visions, and remain open to where they lead and Whom leads us.


6 thoughts on “Visioning As a Spiritual Practice

  1. Lisa Hutchison says:

    I naturally vision this month as it is my birthday. Each year I go into nature and set my intentions for the year. I also do this practice in January to kick off the new year and teach a class on it. On a much smaller scale, each month I set intentions. I believe we create the world we live in and can choose how to respond when events are not visioned by ourselves. My prayers continue for the families and the community in Texas. Thanks you for your blog and nice to connect Meghan.

  2. Lore Raymond says:

    Appreciating the tenderness of your words, “…Let us tend to our visions, love our visions, when necessary grieve our visions, and remain open to where they lead and Whom leads us.”
    Your post inspires me to finalize planning for my January VisionMapping tm Workshop that’s online and face-t0-face. Namaste~

  3. Courtney says:

    I carry much in my heart and after reading this feel a great sense of kindness and oneness that there are other visionaries to share heart centered intentions with.
    Thank you

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