Clearing The Way As A Spiritual Practice

Outside my window the tree branches are being blown quite vigorously. I can’t see the wind but I see it’s effect on the branches. Is the wind clearing the way?

We have come to the end of a month of reflections on the topic of clearing the way as an intentional spiritual practice. Tomorrow is the last day of the month. Where have you gone with this topic? What way has been clearing for you? Has the clearing felt good or devastating? Or a combination? What is emerging?

While there is part of me that wishes that we would become aware of only pleasant things as we intentionally clear the way, I can’t do that. The experience of clearing the way frequently may make us anxious, aware of feeling loss, and lacking control over our own lives. So what do we do with those normal feelings? My suggestion is that we note these feelings rather than ignore them, pray about them if that is your practice, and find another with whom to share these feelings.

During the month of November, we will be exploring visioning as a spiritual practice. We will be doing 360 degree visioning as we look at both the past and what we know of our present and our hopes for the future.

(Please note that I write these blogs as as a practicing Christian and as a “Creative”. My spiritual experience includes an awareness of grace and the movement of the Holy Spirit. My experience as a Christian is also the lens through which I create these reflections. If Christianity is your tradition, I hope you will respectfully comment below. If Christianity is not your tradition, I hope you will also respectfully comment as well. Peace!)

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