The phrase, clearing the way, may bring up recollections of an earnest Spring cleaning. That particular process has much going for it as an antidote to our cluttered lives. If that is where you go with this, please go right ahead.

I have been pondering less about personal clutter and more about my own habitual attitudes which create their own kind of clutter. We each have them. What difference do the make in our spirituality, our relationships, our creativity?

Catching sight of them is perhaps easier than changing them, if change is deemed necessary.

Let me give you an example from my life. I have been reflecting on my own ability to move forward to the next thing without acknowledging even to myself the successful completion of what I set out to do. These are ordinarily small tasks, not major milestones.

I almost always have a checklist written or in my mind of what I feel is needed to be accomplished in a given day. How about you?

I do this because I accomplish more during the day with this common method. It is effective. To be sure, I am not going to stop doing this. However, would a way begin to clear if I gratefully acknowledged what I was able to do, even if only to myself, or to the Holy One as Prayer? I wonder.

What are your habitual attitudes? What is one small change that you might make? What becomes more clear with the change? Please comment.