Clearing The Way As A Spiritual Practice

As I take my morning walk, I pass by an old house mostly invisible to anyone passing by. Overgrown trees and shrubs block the view from the street. I have never seen a light on when I have passed by it in the evening.

I don’t find the house intimidating or presume that it is “haunted” rather I imagine that it has a story. I imagine that at one time it was home to a family who loved it and planted the trees that are now overgrown.

Also, while I have not walked on the property my assumption is that the property is a welcome home in an urban landscape for deer and small creatures. In an urban environment, this house provides both green space as well as a bit of a mystery.

I wonder if we can use this house as a metaphor for our own gentle, but thorough, practices which can become a way to renew our vision, our spirituality and creativity. What do you think?

By the way I am not advocating using a bulldozer either on the actual or metaphorical house – rather beginning to intentionally clear a path to and from it while protecting the green space and the wild creatures who may dwell there.

In my previous blog posts on the topic of clearing the way as a Spiritual Practice, I have suggested the importance of seeking out and telling where we are and how we are feeling and also in doing action. Today, I am suggesting the word, intention.

What is your intention as you seek to clear the way and what tools might you use?



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