Clearing The Way As A Spiritual Practice

Yesterday I shared some of my process as I took in the enormity that is the Las Vegas tragedy. If you read it, thank you.

This afternoon, I am thinking of you. As adults we often take in events that are difficult and simply move on. There is always so much to do. In the United States during the past few months we have experienced major fires and floods, Mexico has had an major earthquake. There were events throughout the world, perhaps even in your home town. On Sunday innocent people were gunned down attending a concert. We all, each of us have experienced something whether or not it was nationally televised. And those events and your feelings matter.

If we are to clear the way as a Spiritual Practice, we must talk. We must also act. Clearing The Way in this present time is vital to your health and the health of those whom you love.

I am inviting you to say how you are feeling by commenting to this post, and to share your one act whether or not you think the action is big or small. Also, talk to your clergy, your therapist, your next door neighbor, and your best friend. Write your legislative officials. Light a candle. Say a prayer. You are not alone.



4 thoughts on “Clearing The Way As A Spiritual Practice

  1. Barbara Bruneau says:

    I am feeling a little bit numb, incapable of being shocked any longer. With each mass killing, I have believed that it had to be the one that would turn the tide. And yet nothing has changed.

    The hope that I’m looking for will not come in a big way. It will be like one small crocus poking its head through the late winter snow. A friend of mine has invited people to take part in an unusual kind of swap this weekend. We have been paired with another person whom we may or may not know, and we have been asked to do a random act of kindness in that person’s name. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to cost any money at all. Then we are asked to send a card to our partner and tell them what random act we did on their behalf. For some reason, this small thing warms my heart in ways that are out of proportion to its magnitude. The chance to simply do a nice thing, without schemes or politics, is refreshing and inspiring.

    • Earthenware Ministry says:

      I love the idea of doing small acts of kindness. Your expression that your heart is warmed in thinking of these words that you might speak and the small actions that you might do is a powerful one. How might this energy continue to grow?

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