An Appreciation of Tradition As A Spiritual Practice

Today is my last blog, for now, on the topic of Tradition. I hope you have enjoyed my reflections this month.

Through blogging on this topic I gained a deeper appreciation of the complexity of Tradition, some of the shadow sides of Tradition, a deepening appreciation of the legacies that I contain as a person and to which I contribute in my own way.

I have chosen not to reflect directly in this blog on specific written traditions, cultural traditions, political traditions etc.. My hope has been that these reflections might encourage your own reflections and even perhaps discussion about specific traditions with others in your family and community.

In our fast paced world with seemingly new customs created daily, I find it helpful to look deeply at the custom to see the continuity, the tradition, that may be within it. Such reflection helps to ground me in this time. How about you?

During the month of October, I will be blogging on the topic of an appreciation of “clearing the way” as a Spiritual Practice. I will have more to write about this in my next post.

As I write this, it is the afternoon before Yom Kippur. I am not Jewish, but for my friends who are, please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers during these holy days.



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