Appreciation of Tradition As A Spiritual Practice

The way forward bearing tradition

is similar to hermit crabs

who walk sideways.

We, like them, seek shells.

Always needing a larger one.

New growth requires a new shell – still moving sideways, more often than forward.

Yet, little by little making progress, if progress is to be made.

What makes us desire a shell?

What shell will contain all we are becoming? Who have we been, dear finite ones?

A shell provides safety perhaps from bumping up against other shells. However, bruised we may wonder what is entirely safe?

A shell provides selfhood, or rather a gathering in of self. Containment.

We bearing tradition, walk sideways. What shell do we choose for our journey now, dear finite ones?

Perhaps a weathered shell,

a good sized one,

a gnarled encrusted one,

One with history,

One filled with love.

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